Down With Childhood

A one-off improvised live electronic performance at Cafe Oto, London (10/17).

Performance for the launch of Paul Rekret’s book Down with Childhood (Repeater Books).  Audio recordings from the author’s archive, all around the theme of childhood, were manipulated into a music concrete soundscape using digital DJ technology.

About Down With Childhood

Sometimes music registers our concerns and anxieties more lucidly than we realise. This is evident in the case of an ideal of childhood innocence in rapid decay in recent decades.

So claims Paul Rekret’s new book Down with Childhood, as it takes in psychedelia’s preoccupation with rebirth and inner-children, the fascination with juvenilia amidst an ebbing UK rave scene and dozens of nursery rhyme hip-hop choruses spawned by a hit Jay-Z tune. Down With Childhood explores the relationship between the often remarked crisis of childhood and changing experiences of work and play and ultimately, to an ongoing capitalist crisis that underlies them.