London Fields

Live electroacoustic performance.

NTS radio, Dalston(06/12).

Sonic CueB, Brockley (06/12).

Brixton Market (07/11).

The process of writing this piece was also the process of developing a performance system for manipulating sound recordings while playing live. Central to the control of the system is a turntable with timecode vinyl. The needle position and speed of the playback is used to control various parameters in a set of bespoke Max for Live patches.

Video from performance on the Open Air show, NTS radio.

The system has since been developed and used with a range of materials and performance settings, though for this first piece the material reflects the process. The recordings are of urban nightlife in London, from the perspective of an outsider – people on their way to and from night-spots on public transport and on the streets, and gatherings outside parties and nightclubs, eventually ending with the sound of trains across Waterloo bridge in the early morning. As the piece develops and intensifies the feeling is of an internal lonely urban isolation, intensified by the sound of others participating in group rituals the performer is not part of.