Distant Soundings @ PGVIS2020

Solo and group performance. Part of the Collective Resonance night at PGVIS 2020 Conference, Bangkok 28/07/20. Hosted online and curated by Jean-David Caillouët.

‘Distant Soundings’

This final collective meditation involves six musicians and artists, each performing from their respective locations. In the United Kingdom, Scott Wilson and Annie Mahtani will perform from Birmingham, Norah Lorway in Falmouth, Cornwall, and Jake Williams in London, in South America Jorge Garcia will join us from Bogotá, Colombia and the resulting soundscapes will be accompanied by the real time visual treatments of Jean-David Caillouët in Thailand.

This collective of computer musicians, acousmatic composers and DJs will share and interact with local environmental recordings captured in their localities including soundscapes modified by the lockdown.

More info on PGVIS and Collective Resonance here.