Petwo Evans / Petrax

Petwo Evans is an electronic music project from long-term collaborators drummer / percussionist / producer Rich Thair and experimental DJ Jake Williams.  It is the experience of listening to contemporary global club culture whilst looking out over the Welsh landscape.  Much of their work to-date has been made during live sessions on a remote farm.  Rich makes rhythms using found objects (tumble dryer, a plastic tub, a broken piano and some pieces of metal) which are then looped, processed and mixed with electronic machines to create music that reflects the scenery: age-old continental drifts, abandoned industrial quarries, and the Blade Runner-thrill of driving through Port Talbot at night. 

Thair and Williams have released 4 digi EPs on their own label Petrax, 12”s on Huntleys & Palmers and Belters, and tracks for On the Corner and Touched Music. They have been played by a diverse range of club and radio DJs including Ben UFO (who invited them to do a guest mix on the Hessle show), Silvia Kastel, Tom Ravenscroft, Andrew Weatherall, Clemency, Joe and Midland.  They have played live AV shows (in collaboration with visual artists Will Young and Louis Mustill) at Splice Festival and The Lowry and were gearing up for some sweaty club gigs just before COVID hit.  Throughout their long relationship the producers have also worked on numerous projects as part of Red Snapper and Toob, releasing on Warp, Process and Lo Recordings.

Bootstrap EP out on On the Corner Records 06/21.

Petrax digital label founded 2019.

AV performance at Lowry Theatre, Salford (02/19). Collaboration with Will Young (Echo & Reflection) and Louis Mustill (Artists & Engineers).

AV performance at Splice Festival, Rich Mix, London (05/18). Collaboration with Will Young (Echo & Reflection) and Louis Mustill (Artists & Engineers).

Mix for Hessle Audio radio show on Rinse FM (07/17).

Arts Council-funded residency at PAC, South Wales (04/15). Collaboration with Will Young (Echo & Reflection) and Louis Mustill (Artists & Engineers).

12″ releases on Huntleys & Palmers / Belters (2014-17).

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“Gqom done by Patten.. Roska meeting T++” (Bookmat) 

“recalls a DIY take on the short-lived Congotronics series, whose contributors included Shackleton and Mark Ernestus” (RA) 

“Mark Fell sparring with a skeletal Spoek Mathambo” (Bleep).